Friday Letters

Friday, June 12, 2015

Dearest Friday, Thank you for your much needed appearance this week.  Dear Amazon, I know I am late to party, but can I just say ... I love you!  Seriously, I've purchased both my nieces' birthday presents last night and they have shipped and will be here tomorrow?!?  Oh not to mention cheaper than Target, you are now my new BFF.  Dear Skin, I kept giving you the benefit of the doubt all winter long that you were just cranky and dry because of the weather.  Now you have no excuses - I am hydrated, I give you moisture, yet you still want to flake on me.  What's your deal?  What more do you want from me?  Um no, you aren't getting department store expensive creams ... what else is on your list.  Dear Wardrobe, I love you, I do, but I keep thinking there is just something missing. There are just a few items swirling around in my head to make you even more fabulous.  Now how can I manage getting said items into you without running up the credit card bill and getting that inevitable stare from the hubby.  Dear Hubby, Have I told you how great you are lately?  Man, you are looking buff.  Dear Sun, It's your ghostly pale friend here just requesting a little summer shimmer.  However, can you not turn me into a lobster first?  Seriously, I pack on 100 SPF and still end up having to coat myself in aloe gel.  Come on - just once - have a some pity on me.  Dear Readers, Thank you for stopping by my new blog.  I hope you'll stay for awhile.


  1. Love this post! I agree with you on the whole Amazon thing, love them! The sun tends to turn me into a red lobster at least once during the summer too. Looking forward to seeing more on your new blog! :)

    1. Thank you Amy for following my new blog. You're so sweet for keeping up with me all these years! Also, I had no clue you got a free month of amazon prime. I'm sure it is totally going to get addictive to where I will join. Cheers to aloe drenched nights in front of the fan! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Amazon sold me when I got an alert that they offer SAME DAY shipping for orders over $35 :)

    I moved my blog too.

  3. I hardly even shop at Amazon but I so need to start. So many things are so much cheaper, where have I been? Yay for a new blog!!


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